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Tammy Taylor and Marquise Taylors

Two Teaching Taylors is a partnership between married educators, Tammy and Marquise Taylor.

We met in the education program at the University of Texas at Arlington. After graduation, we accepted teaching positions in neighboring school districts in the Fort Worth area and were married the summer after our first year of teaching.

After years of wanting a child, we became parents to twin daughters in January of 2017. The girls bring so much joy to our lives. We decided that I (Tammy) would stay home for a few years to soak up all the awesomeness that comes with toddlers. We also wanted to build Two Teaching Taylors in order to better serve fellow educators.

Welcome to our blog. Our goal is to create a space that offers tips, tools, and takeaways that make your job a little easier.

Education and Experience:


  • Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies in Mid-level Math and Science
  • 5th grade science, social studies, and math
  • Grade level team lead
  • Demonstration classroom
  • Campus science coordinator


  • Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in Mid-level Math and Science
  • Masters in Curriculum and Instruction
  • 5th grade science
  • 4th grade science, math, and social studies
  • Campus technology coordinator

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