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When it comes to teaching science, our number one concern is always safety! Science labs are traditionally what students enjoy most about science. Of course, that means students need to understand how to be safe and responsible in the science classroom. Every year, our science classes start with a safety lesson. However, you don’t have to give the same old boring lecture. In fact, there are so many engaging ways to teach students about science lab safety in the classroom.

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Science Safety Charades

Science safety charades planning sheet

Your students will love learning about science safety with this fun game. Whether in person or on Zoom, your students will receive one of 12 “UNSAFE” behavior cards. Next, they will plan out their skit on their charades planning sheet and then act out their assigned safety expectation. Finally, the other students will write down their guesses and the group will share the expectation the class should have learned from the skit. When all the expectations are filled in on their expectation sheet, each student will sign their own copy and put it in their interactive notebook.

Science Safety Comics

examples of safety comics

For the visual learners in your class, comics can really bring the science safety expectations to life. Each student receives an example of a classroom safety expectation. They then illustrate the expectation using a comic template or a blank piece of paper. I love hanging these up in the classroom as a reminder to follow the expectations and see their hard, creative work!

Science Scenario Sorting

One literacy strategy I love to use with students is sorting. This Science Scenario Sorting Activity comes with safe and unsafe behavior cards for your students to sort. By recognizing what makes a behavior safe or unsafe during science labs, students will be able to practice proper safety when it’s time for lab activities to begin!

sorting activity for centers

sorting assignment for safety

Digital Science Safety and Tools Game

Whether you’re reviewing in-person or online, using a digital game is a perfect culminating activity to help your students understand science safety expectations. This digital review game provides different scenarios asking what tools to use in specific labs and what to do when something breaks. Best of all, you can play the game on any device with access to the internet!

The review is interactive, so once your students click on an answer, it will tell them whether or not they are correct. This is a great way to practice and review throughout the year as well. You can use this for independent learning, small group, or whole group review. Since it’s “bubble themed”, your students will get a kick out of popping the bubbles to answer questions!

FREE Science Safety Comprehension Unit

After Covid19, it has become apparent that teachers need access to flexible resources that can be used in both virtual and in-person classrooms.

We love this comprehension unit because it has simple text with varying levels of comprehension questions, a fun concept sort and a quick assessment. Best of all, we can use it in the classroom or online!

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Science Safety Comprehension Activities
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Hands-on labs are the most important way for students to learn in the science classroom. By experiencing different standards and objectives hands-on, your students are able to understand how science works! However, labs do come with safety concerns. That’s why it’s so vital to teach science safety and tools early and review often.

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